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1.75sA very formal horse?
1.18sVery good.
4.09sEven a bowling ball can wear a hat if you use your imagination.
3s(LAUGHING) A bowling ball wearing a hat?
3.04sThis is what high-def was invented for.
1.43sPeter, what the hell are you doing?
1.83sBeing a good dad like you asked.
2.7sI've been watching Jolly Farm with Stewie for the last three hours.
2.85sThat's not Stewie, that's a pineapple.
1.59sOh, my God, where is Stewie?
1.52sI don't know, but I'm sure he's fine.
1.24sPeter, he's a baby.
1.1sYou can't leave him alone.
2.08sCome on, it's good to have some alone time.
4.05sYou know, I spent a year alone on a desert island with nothing but a monkey to keep me company.
2.84sYou're saved, sir. We're going to get you back to civilization.
1.77sAnd how about we bring along your monkey pal?
1.27sYeah, we can teach him sign language,
3.07sand he can tell us stories about what you two did on the island together.