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1.38sGreat, I'll set it up.
1.68sI didn't know a pig could be a doctor.
2.7sHey! You get just a few more of those.
3.37sMOTHER MAGGIE: Now, children, we're going to learn who wears a hat.
1.87sCan a fireman wear a hat?
1.55sNo? CHILDREN: Yes.
1.93sYes. Can a policeman wear a hat?
1.3sNo way. CHILDREN: Yes.
1.87sYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes. Yes, he can, I knew that.
3.54sNow, you at home, tell me, who else wears a hat?
1.75sA very formal horse?
1.18sVery good.
4.09sEven a bowling ball can wear a hat if you use your imagination.
3s(LAUGHING) A bowling ball wearing a hat?
3.04sThis is what high-def was invented for.
1.43sPeter, what the hell are you doing?
1.83sBeing a good dad like you asked.
2.7sI've been watching Jolly Farm with Stewie for the last three hours.
2.85sThat's not Stewie, that's a pineapple.
1.59sOh, my God, where is Stewie?
1.52sI don't know, but I'm sure he's fine.
1.24sPeter, he's a baby.
1.1sYou can't leave him alone.
2.08sCome on, it's good to have some alone time.
4.05sYou know, I spent a year alone on a desert island with nothing but a monkey to keep me company.