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1.84sTrade house keys, bang each other's wives?
2.3sI can't dissect this pig, Mr. Kingman.
1.13sIt's against my religion.
3.17sBelieve me, Neil, it's no thrill for the pig to touch a Jew either.
2.18sOkay, how about you, Meg, how are you doing?
1.27sPretty good.
2.37sIt's kind of cool cutting something that's not me.
2.05sWow, that's some very impressive work.
2.95sIt's easy for Meg to dissect a pig because she is a pig.
2.34s(LAUGHING) Hey!
1.47sAll right, I'll let that one slide.
1.97sMeg, you have some real potential.
2.5sHave you ever thought about becoming a doctor when you grow up?
2.18sI always just assumed I'd work on the docks.
1.33sDon't limit yourself, Meg.
1.77sDoctors wear a mask most of the time.