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1.8sHuh, who's this? I like this lady.
2.6sHey, do you think Mother Maggie is married to Father...
1.65sOh, probably not.
8.31sMOTHER MAGGIE: And the unicorn slid down the rainbow to a field of jellybeans where she and the other villagers decided it had been the best day ever.
1.89sOh, look, it's Pengrove Pig,
2.37sand he's sharing his apples nicely, isn't he?
2.1sLike a champ he is.
7.79sHead, shoulders, knees and toes Knees and toes And that's how you make a duck out of an oatmeal container.
3.14sThis is the greatest show in the history of television.
2.77sMother Maggie, you are a kindred spirit.
3.64sThis must be how twins who were separated at birth feel when they first meet.
1.84sTrade house keys, bang each other's wives?
2.3sI can't dissect this pig, Mr. Kingman.
1.13sIt's against my religion.
3.17sBelieve me, Neil, it's no thrill for the pig to touch a Jew either.