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2.22sWell, great, I should probably get some sleep.
2.27sTomorrow on Petey's Funhouse, we're doing "Who's on First?"
1.27sI'm gonna play Costello,
3.14sand Abbott is gonna be played by a live puma.
1.97sPeter, that sounds really...
2.77sYou know what? Sounds great. Have fun.
1.37sThanks, Lois. Good night.
3.24sLois? Other families fight, too, right?
1.43sNot this much.
1.8sDo you think maybe we should think about getting a...
1.17sIt is what it is.
1.64sLet's just get Stewie to college and go from there.
3.14sSir, if you're gonna want me to examine where you're having an issue,
2.18syou're gonna have to be more specific than "thingee."
2.12sIt's not the front thingee.
1.03sWhat's going on in here?
1.03sWhere's Dr. Hartman?
2.13sHe had a family emergency.
2.74sI'm not really a doctor, but I've been sort of filling in for him.
1.29sYou what?
1.5sWell, I think I want to go into medicine,