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2.12sIt's different. I'll give you that.
2.64sIt's a tool that every home handyman needs.
3.1sIt's a jigsaw. It's a power drill. It's a wood-turning lathe.
3.3sIt's an asphalt spreader. It's 67 tools in one !
3.1sHow much would you pay for a machine that can do all this ?
2.13sOne thousand dollars. Oh, sorry. Oh, don't answer yet.
0.42sBecause you also get--
2.8sHey, I was watching that !
0.39sIt's time for Krusty.
2.75sYou mean we can watch cartoons again, Mom ?
0.27sYes, dear. All you want.
3.68sAll right !
4.85sTurn it up ! Hey, kids ! It's time for itchy & Scratchy !
3.07sThey love, they share They share and love and share
2.57sLove, love, love Share, share, share
2.75sThe Itchy & Scratchy Show
1.72sLemonade ?