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3.04sis to snuggle up with a big bucket of buttered popcorn,
3.47sdim the lights, turn on itchy & Scratchy and laugh myself silly.
1.83sAnd what the hell is wrong with that ?
2.18sNot a thing. Now, for another opinion.
2.84sHi, kids !
2.02sKrusty, please.
2.99sWe're giving you an opportunity to participate in a serious discussion here.
4.24sOh, I'm sorry, Kent. Just, when the camera gets on me, I--
1.92sHey-Hey !
0.33sKrusty !
1.57sOh. Sorry.
2.5sWell, it looks like we're not going to settle this tonight.
4.54sMrs. Simpson, in the nine seconds we have left, can you summarize your position for us ?
4.24sYes. I'd like to ask all the parents in Springfield who are concerned about this...
3.27sto write in and let the cartoon makers know how you feel.
1.49sThank you.
1.02sI don't believe this.
3.67s"I will never watch your show, buy any of your products...
3.27sor brake if I see you crossing the street."