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4.27s"but I believe that the cartoons you show to our children...
3.34s"are influencing their behavior in a negative way.
5.02s"Please try to tone down the psychotic violence...
2.75s"in your otherwise fine programming.
2.43sYours truly, Marge Simpson."
5.84sTake a letter, Miss White. "Dear Valued Viewer: "Thank you for taking an interest in the itchy & Scratchy program.
2.5s"Enclosed is a personally autographed photo...
3.6s"of America's favorite cat and mouse team to add to your collection.
2.47s"In regards to your specific comments about the show,
3.07s"our research indicates that one person cannot make a difference...
3.45s"no matter how big a screwball she is.
3.45sSo let me close by saying--" "And the horse I rode in on" ?
3.14sI'll show them what one screwball can do !