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2.4slike our big, naked friend over there,
4.4sand be against another form, like itchy & Scratchy ?
0.2sGood question.
2.97sWell, I guess I can't.
2.44sWhich is a shame, because I really hate those cartoons.
3.64sOh, yeah ? Well, what do you have to say to all those Marge Simpson wanna-bes...
2.67swho wish to suppress David's doodle ?
4.3sHmm, I don't know. I guess one person can make a difference,
2.47sbut most of the time they probably shouldn't.
2.5sWell, uh, I guess that settles that.
3.2sI'd like to alert our affiliates that we will be ending our show early tonight.
4.4sjoin us tomorrow when our topic will be "Religion: Which is the One True Faith ?"