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3.54sEverything from Hop on Pop to Death Be Not Proud.
3.14sIt's so tragic the way they hopped on Pop.
0.47sI always dreamed you'd be my library buddy.
2.97sGet out.
4.02sNo, really. I think books have an amazing power to bring people together. Look.
2.9sEven Cletus is checking one out.
2.03sNow hold still.
3.14sNothing cracks a turtle like Leon Uris.
2.44sOw! Dang it! Ow!
3.35sThat sonata may not be a Glenn Gould performance,
2.7sbut I must say it's "good as Gould."
1.93sHey, Flanders. Heading for church?
2.2sWell, I thought I could save you a little time.
1.75sOoh! Found a new shortcut.
2.87sBetter. I was working on a flat tax proposal,
3.39sand I accidentally proved there's no God.
2.6sWe'll just see about tha--
2.84sUh-oh. Well, maybe he made a mista--
2.5sNo. It's airtight.