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2.58sI will hear no more insinuations about the German people!
1.15sNothing bad happened!
1.7sUh, is--Is that a beer hall?
3.34sOh, yes. Munich is renowned for its historic beer halls.
1.93sWhy is everybody glaring at us?
1.99sWhy, Lois? I'll tell you why.
6.99syour--Your faux pas last night at the concert was so upsetting I called a university professor to tell me what phrase to use to describe it.
1.25sUse "faux pas."
1.28sThanks, professor.
2.17sYou've been living a lie all these years.
2.23sYou represented yourself as a K.I.S.S. fan.
1.75sAnd why? To make me look foolish!
1.53sNo. To make you happy.
2.57sI wanted to share in all aspects of your life, Peter.
2.64sBut I just was never that big a K.I.S.S. fan.
3.52sYeah, I should've guessed that when you were willing to dress up as Peter Criss.
2.95sNo one wants to be Peter Criss, Lois! Not even Peter Criss!