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1.37sIs that Tom Bosley?
2.9sWhat would Tom Bosley be doing on a train in Switzerland?
2.17sI--I'm almost certain. Tom!
1.07sDid he look?
1.15sI don't know.
2.84swell, If I yell, you have to watch. Tom Bosley!
0.93sNo, it's not him.
3sBesides its beautiful historic architecture,
3.65sMunich was the home of many great writers such as Thomas Mann.
4.12sYou will find more on Germany's contribution to the arts in the pamphlets we have provided.
2.07sYeah, uh, About your pamphlet, uh,
4.3si'm--I'm not seeing anything about German history between 1939 and 1945.
1.3sThere's just a big gap.
1.47sEveryone was on vacation!
3.34sOn your left is Munich's first city hall erected in 15--
1.57sWait, wait. What are you talking about?
2.05sGermany invaded Poland in 1939 and--
2.28sWe were invited! Punch was served! Check with Poland!
1.77sY-You can't just ignore those years.