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3.45sAll right, all We've got to do is find the American Embassy and They'll help us get home.
6.44sHome? I have no intention of returning to that disgusting hovel with that intolerable woman, that fat slob, and that insufferable dog.
1.78sOh, You're right here, aren't you?
3.07sOh, well, I stand by it. My future is with Jolly Farm.
1.33sYou really think that, don't you?
1.3sI know it.
3.45sOk, We've got 3 days until Peter and Lois get back from their K.I.S.S. concerts.
1.23sLet's go to Jolly Farm.
1.63sYeah, now you're talking!
2.25sYou make the Pope look like a fool!
2.24sGod will make you pay. Smite them!
2sHe's cooking something up.