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1.9sCamels for sale!
3.5sThis one owned by a little old man who only drove it to mosque on Sundays.
1.43sJust had its knees replaced.
2.18sOh, Great. Buy one and let's get out of here.
2.59sWhat do you mean, buy one? All I've got is $50.
2.24sWe're gonna have to distract him. Follow my lead.
10.58sYou and I are so awfully different Too awfully different to ever be pals Do you want to go first?
1.13sYeah, I'll go.
5.17sYour favorite hero is the Marquis de Sade oh, You're one to talk.
2.8sYou get a stiffie from Phylicia Rashad
0.7soh, One time.
6.19sI've a style flair Just look at my hip hair oh, Yeah. Th-That's quite a nice do there.
0.87sOh, Thanks.
0.88sFor me to poop on!