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0.8sA scientist.
0.82sA novelist.
1.47sA Cambridge don.
2.54sOh, What's my future coming from these squalid surroundings?
4.04sGetting into a fight with some dude at the Laundromat because he was hitting on my baby's mama?
1.53sI should be there, not here!
1sHey, Dad?
3.2sCan me and Meg stay up late every night when you're at K.I.S.S.-Stock?
1.42sYou can do whatever you want, son.
1.64sJust don't eat from the candy tree.
3.37sHe's right to caution you. I feed on children.
1.94sYou don't mind watching Stewie for a few days, do you BriaN?
4.34sNah. Ever since Jolly Farm Revue came on, he's been pretty distracted. It'll be a breeze.
1.82sWell, 'Bye, everyone.
5.66sI can't believe my stupid parents are gonna spend 5 days following stupid old K.I.S.S. around. It's painful.
2.25sNot half as painful as a tire iron upside your head.
1.15sI'll miss you.
2.64sHey, Stewie, what do you want for lunch?