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2.27sWait a sec. I recognize that voice.
2.5sIs this Dennis DeYoung, lead singer from Styx?
1.37sCome clean, man.
2.67sYEah. Yeah, it's me. It's Dennis.
1.3sDennis, you jealous douche,
6.47show about I crank a little Detroit Rock City and play Come Sail Away and we can see how they stack up side by side?
2.5sHuh? You want that, you high-voiced bastard?
1.5sWe'll be right back, after this.
1.73sHey, Didn't see you come in.
1.98sWe're getting into shape for our upcoming tour.
3.14sWe're playing 5 big shows in 5 days. So, if you--
2.27sRock and roll!
4.02sWhy don't--Why don't you just sit in the corner, huh? Go on.
2.37sSo, if you're a K.I.S.S. fan, and you live in the Northeast,
3.94scome out for all 5 shows of what we're calling "K.I.S.S.-Stock."