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1.7sWhose stinky brat is this?
1.92sWhat? That's not your voice.
2.53sYour voice is lyrical, like the strum of a lute.
2.99sPiss off, you grotty little wanker!
2.64sIt's a fake. It's not real.
2.44sI thought it'd be best for you to find out on your own, kid.
2.88sI feel like such a fool. Don't even look at me!
1.27sHey, come on.
1.6sYou want to get some ice cream?
2.4sThat'd make you feel better, right?
3.07sYou want to get some McDonald's?
3.14sDo you want to take a dump in Mother Maggie's shoes?
2.85sOk. Let's go take a dump in Mother Maggie's shoes.
1.2sJolly Farm is on, Stewie.
1.2sDon't you want to watch?
2.82sThe Stewie who loved Jolly Farm is dead, megan.
2.7sMeet the Stewie who loves funky fruit hats!
2.57sooh, Turn it up! Mom and Dad are on!
2.62sHey, We're back with more K.I.S.S. Forum. Im here with the Griffins.