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2.13sPeter, are you ever gonna forgive me?
4.64sLois, I am obligated to keep loving you, so I will take my rage out on my own body.
1.2sLet's go to Denny's.
3.85sOh, man! I don't believe it! K.I.S.S. is here!
3.04sWe don't deserve to be under the same roof with them. Let's go.
2.94sWell, All right. I guess I could fix us something when we--
2.57sDo not address K.I.S.S. unless they address you first!
3.57sOh, my God! Chaim litz? It is you.
2.2suh, Which one do you want me to sign? Left or right?
1.17sNo, no, no. It's Lois.
1.63sLois Pewterschmidt.
2.17sI knew you before you changed your name.
3sLois! I don't believe it. It's been ages.
1.65sHey Guys, this is the girl I told you about.
1.8sYou know, I knew her before we formed K.I.S.S.
1.37s"Loose" Lois!
0.92sCool! "Loose" Lois!
1.3sThe legend herself.
3.17sMy Grand Slam was supposed to be with sausage.
3.29sI never realized you were Gene Simmons the rock star!