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2.62sWow! What great yard!
0.93sGuess what, Mom?
1.82sJennifer invited me to a party on Saturday.
1.13sThis Saturday?
2.24sMeg, you can't miss Stewie's first birthday.
1.43sBut Mom--
2.3sMeg, our entire family is going to be here for Stewie's party.
2sAnd that includes you. Understood?
4.2sI can't believe you'd put your family before your own daughter!
1.73sShe's a whiny little runt, isn't she?
0.97sI said "runt."
2.29sI--I don't think I'm in the right place.
3.14sI'm looking for a guy to entertain the kids at my son's birthday.
1.67sOh, Sure. I can do that.
1.4sYou do children's parties?
1.97sYeah. I can do, like, a handstand,
1.7sand some somersaults maybe.
3.62sI can make pretend like the children are little bugs in my web.