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2.43sWell, Then maybe I'll just take my business elsewhere.
2.13sGood luck filling our spot by this Saturday.
1.35s- I got cash! - I'll take it!
1sSuit yourself.
1.93sHey, Wait. I was just bluffing.
2.1sMy wife has her heart set on this place.
1.17sHey! hey!
1.92sChris, this is a big day for you.
1.97sThe day you become the man of the house.
1.13sBecause when we get home,
2.13syour mother is going to kill me.
3.67sSo the man in white is coming to put me back in the womb, is he?
2.89sIf I'm to defeat him, I shall require professional forceS.
1.6sHere we are. "Come to Managua,
1.77s"the Mecca of mercenaries."
2.1sI must prepare for my journey.
1.9sLet's see. Grenades, mace,
1.77sbaggy full of Cheerios...