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2.4sAll right. I won a watch.
1.43sWhat's The Dukes of Hazzard?
1.65sHey, That's mine. Come on.
2.02sCome on, give that back! Come on!
4.4sFolks in Hazzard County hadn't seen a watch fight in a good long time.
4.37sThem boys rassled for a full 5 minutes before the manager stepped in.
0.87sCome on!
1.27sHands off, fatty!
1.87sSir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
1.28sHey, I'm a paying customer.
2.65sI got a deposit check for my kid's party right here.
3.3sOoh, Mr. Griffin. I am terribly sorry.
2.44sWe're really looking forward to Stewie's special day.
1.3sWell, Now I don't know,
4.47safter the emotional trauma I've endured on your premises, I think I deserve a little discount.
2.42sSir, our prices are set by the corporate office.
2.43sWell, Then maybe I'll just take my business elsewhere.
2.13sGood luck filling our spot by this Saturday.
1.35s- I got cash! - I'll take it!
1sSuit yourself.
1.93sHey, Wait. I was just bluffing.