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1.63sYeah! Come on!
2.12sGo, yeah! Eat my dusT!
2sCome on, move it! Come on! Oh, man!
1.72sChris, this place is great.
1.58sHey, Pull over, you bastard!
0.9sAw, Man.
2.64sHey, Dad, they even got games in the bathroom.
2sLook, I won a balloon!
1.57sOh, way to go, Chris.
1.35sHey, Where's my watch?
2.4sAll right. I won a watch.
1.43sWhat's The Dukes of Hazzard?
1.65sHey, That's mine. Come on.
2.02sCome on, give that back! Come on!
4.4sFolks in Hazzard County hadn't seen a watch fight in a good long time.
4.37sThem boys rassled for a full 5 minutes before the manager stepped in.