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1.62sBoy. Do I know that feeling.
1.2sOk, man. Ok.
1.2sYou are really throwing me off.
2.15sIt's step-kick, step-twirl. Got it?
2.87sAw, I thought we were just gonna rumble with those greasy Sharks.
2.72sNot without 7 years of ballet and 2 of jazz tap, we're not.
1.28sFrom the top, people!
2.62sLook, Why don't you just hang back and stretch?
1.22sI don't get it.
2.4sThe more I try to make friends, the more people hate me.
2.75sListen. You're a one-of-a-kind girl with a mind of her own.
1.67sNow, see, that's what people hate.
3.37sI'm telling you, just be the girl you think everyone else wants you to be.
1.75sWow, it's so obvious.
1.83sThanks, Daddy.
1.2sHi, Mom. Bye, Mom.
4.35sWOw, I haven't seen Meg this happy since that bus broke down in front of our house.
1.5sHi. Can we use your phone?
2.25sHoly crap! It's The Children of the Corn!
2.2sMeg and I had a little father-daughter talk.