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3.64sIn fact, she always says the best memories she has are when you kids were born.
2.04sAw, jeez, Meg, that's it.
2.57sThis day is more for your mom than it is for Stewie.
1.28sAw, With all she's given us,
1.62sshe oughta get whatever she wants.
0.97sAnd, Meg,
1.97stoday she wants you to be with the family.
3.87sAw, Daddy, you must think I'm the worst daughter ever.
3.12sAw, No you're not, honey. What about that fat girl from the Judds?
2.1sI'm sorry I've been so selfish.
1.23sI miss my mom.
1.32sYEah. Me, too.
1.67sI also miss my nads.
2.25sMr. Griffin, can we come to Stewie's party, too?
1.17sSure. The more the merrier.
2.03sMeg, you have the coolest family.
1.33sShe sure does.
1.52sHey, Here's to family!
2sTo family!
1.68sOh, Jeez, look at the time!
1.12sCome on.
1.4sCome on, kids. Let's get going.
1.67sAw, Sorry, Meg.
3.77sI guess It's another bunch of people that'd rather fake death than go to a party with you.
2.84sChildren, the time of ascension has arrived.
2.05sOh, For the love of God.