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4sIndeed. What's become of the dear old USA?
1.3sBeg pardon?
1.38sThe Revolution?
2.7s1776 and what all?
8.76sOh! The Colonial dustup. Well, there's nothing we Brits enjoy more than a good documentary. Turn on the tellyvisor, Dr. Zoidsmythe.
1.73s(IN BRITISH ACCENT) I'll dial up the Beeb.
4.02sThey've always got a nice docky-wocky on.
2.75sANNOUNCER: The Vanquished Pride of the Yankees,
3.6sor, America the Dutiful.
3.67sNorth America, or West Britannia as we now call it,
3.47shas been under British rule for 1,400 years,
4.14sall thanks to a nutter known as Wrong-Way Revere.
3.24sThe British are coming by land, by land.