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1.92s"One if by land, two if by sea."
2.23sThe British are coming! The British are coming!
1.42sBy land. By land.
2.9sGotta treat this OCD. Gotta treat this OCD.
1.2sFry, you dope.
2.37sYou've really screwed the granny this time.
2.07sHistory needed that second lantern.
2.03sWe'd better stop Paul Revere before...
3.34s(IN BRITISH ACCENT) I guess everything worked out jolly all right, eh, guvnor?
3.7s(CHUCKLING) (IN BRITISH ACCENT) What's with the fruity accent, ducky?
1.93sBollocks, I got it, too.
3.34s(IN BRITISH ACCENT) Where's all the Presidents heads, then?
3.85s(IN BRITISH ACCENT) I say. Appears we've changed history too much.
3.37sDisaster of nightmarish proportions and what not.