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2.47sSay, on this exact date,
3.44sthe Continental Congress was meeting secretly in New York.
1.43sMaybe they can help us.
1.73sBut they could be meeting anywhere.
2.57sWhat are we going to do, search building to building?
2.59sFARNSWORTH: We'll start with that one.
1.93sAlexander Hamilton of New York,
1.97show say you? Nay.
3.09sJohn Hancock and John Adams of Massachusetts?
1.3sThe yeas have it.
3.84sOur nation's official joke state shall be New Jersey.
1.45s(KNOCKING AT DOOR) Uh-oh!
1.93sAh, it is just our new Crock-Pot.
2.57sWatch it, wiggy. I ain't no stinking crock.
3.14sWe'll see about that in five hours.
3.8sHalt! From whence comest thou, one-eyed maiden?
2.14sUh... Ever been to Peru?
1.27sCertainly not.
1.28sI'm from Peru.
1.73sClam up, Founding Fathers.
4.37sWe need help locating the treacherous forger who forged this forgery.