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2.87sManufacture paper, fabric, rope...
2.47sOh. Well, nice talking to you.
3.34sWhy, I used to smoke about four feet of rope a day.
1.85sLet me give you my pager number.
3.75sHey, Reagan, remember when you asked to see my family tree?
2.94sI asked you to leave me alone.
2.3sThe Farnsworths are a remarkable...
2.22sThat name is a stain on American history.
3.6sOne of the worst traitors of the Revolution was a Farnsworth.
0.87sYou're lying!
1.12sHe's George Washington.
1.73sHe tends not to do that.
4.22sDavid Farnsworth was a notorious British agent and counterfeiter.
4.52sHe conspired to bring down our nation with his fraudulent currency!
2.82sA Farnsworth did this? Oh, dear!
2.23sMy good name is ruined!
2.67sHi. I'm Jerry. I like movies.