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1.2s- Hi, Lars. - Fry.
2.17sWhatever. I'm heading out to my night job.
4.17sRemember, no loud noise, no head bowling, and no parties,
1.8sor it'll be your ass in a jar.
1.58sI want to go to that museum!
2.1sMan, this place is a snooze.
4.37sHey, Fry, I challenge President Taft here to a pie-eating contest.
1.55sYou're on, skinny.
2.62sSorry, guys. You know the rules. No fun allowed.
2.1sCome on, you pansy! I'm thirsty!
1.9sI want me some Tennessee loopy juice!
1.27sAnd I want loose women!
2.03sThe kind that aren't afraid to show a little ankle.
2.38s(WHISPERING) Or elbow.
2.24sNo visitors. I'll lose my job.
3.84sOh, boohoo. "I'll lose my minimum wage job."
4.64s(ALL LAUGHING) You're mean, Rutherford B. Hayes!
1.48sListen here, young man.
3.8sWe have nothing to fear but running out of beer.
3.07s(SIGHS) All right, one small get-together,
2.17sbut let's keep it quiet and dignified.