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2.57sBut you don't need a telescope to enjoy astronomy, Bart.
3.05sThere are all the constellations you've heard so much about.
2.47sThere's Orion, the Swan,
2.89s- the Chariot Race. - Why don't they look anything like their names?
4.85sWell, you do have to use your imagination. Look, there's the Three Wise Men.
3.19s- Who names these things anyway? - Whoever discovers them.
2.84sI've been hoping I could find something that would be named after me.
2sAnd you've never found anything?
2.6sOnce. But by the time I got to a phone,
4.5smy discovery had already been reported by Principal Kohoutek.
1.97sI got back at him though.
2.4sHim and that little boy of his.
2.44sAnyway, that's why I always keep a cellular phone next to me.
3.72sNow, this morning we're gonna be mapping a small square of sky that's thought to be empty.
2.07sIt's my hope that it's not.
2.2sSo what am I supposed to do exactly?
2.55sjust write down my findings as I give them to you.
4.57sSix hours, 19 minutes right ascension, 14 degrees, 22 minutes declination.
2.19s- No sighting. - Mm-hmm.
4.64sSix hours, 19 minutes right ascension, 14 degrees, 23 minutes declination.