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3.17sHomer and Ned, you may now kiss your brides.
3.17sGive it to me, baby.
2.62sHomer! It's okay. We're married!
3.7sYou and Ned married a couple of floozies?
4.4sMarge, I'm sorry. But it wasn't my fault. Liquors drunkened me.
4.37sIf I had known there were loose women in Las Vegas, I would never have let you go!
3.12sLook, I did marry her, but I abandoned her.
2.1sAmber, tell her how I abandoned you!
2.1sThis is the worst thing you've ever done!
5.02sWell, Ginger, it sure is-- neat that you managed to hunt me down.
1.72sWhere's the bed?
5.02sOh, Lord, I know my new wife is a little more peppermint than you're used to,
2.94sbut I know you'd want me to honor my sacred vows.
1.75s- So I will. - Hey, stud.