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3.77sRemember, love between a human and a robot is taboo.
3.1sWe can't tell anyone, not even our co-workers.
5.5sGot it. I'll show the utmost discretion as we get nasty in this glass tube.
2.23sI think I'm coming down with circus-itis.
2.69sI thought circus-itis only affected children.
1.73sChildren of all ages.
4.1sBender, old friend, what's on your face?
4.6sBlood. You know, shaving of the face beard.
2.75sAmy, are those gear imprints on your sweatpants?
2.4sUh, maybe. So what?
2.39sWell, I only brought it up 'cause Bender's wearing them.
1.37s(CLEARS THROAT) Uh...
2.97sI stole them from her. Yeah, that's it, call the cops.
2.29sOh, my swollen feet.