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2.44sIt does sort of class-up the place.
2.74sMALE VOICE: The time is 4:00 a.m.!
3.82sWe've been arguing all night, Kif. Can't we go to bed?
2.03sIs that all you ever think about?
2.2sI'm not just some piece of tofu, Amy.
2.23sI need to know where we stand in our relationship.
2.8sWe're just going through a rough patch.
2.5sIt is not a patch. It's been ages,
3.3saccording to your wildly inappropriate hunk-of-the-month calendar.
1.59sLeave Todd out of this.
4.3sThanks, babe. Also, today is Canadian Independence Day.
3.4sThat's Bender's ringtone. I recognize the smell.
1.67sHello? Yo, Amy,
1.92sI'm in the slammer. Oh, no.
2.54sThat's enough lip out of you, moneybags.
1.77sJust get 5 grand and bail me out.
1.98sI don't have that kind of money laying around.
3.3sYeah, you do. You know the floor safe where you keep 10 grand?