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1.97sRebuttal, Professor?
3.32sThis $4 coffeepot talks about love,
2.57sbut what he describes is perversion!
3.24sYou wouldn't know perversion if it put clamps on your testicles!
3.27sYou're just jealous, 'cause you've never known true love!
5sOh, no? Back when I was full of piss and vinegar, and my bed wasn't,
5.59sI fell in love with the sweetest girl ever to skip through a field of posies.
1.72sHer name was Eunice,
3.05sand we spent our blissful days working in a lab,
4.69sdeveloping a poison to wipe out that dreadful posy infestation.
2.48sI thought our love would last forever.
4.34sBut then, 43 years later, she left me
2.22sfor a robot! (SOBBING)