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1.9sI'm our A in the hole!
2.08sProfessor, who's debating for your side?
3.77sThat guy, you know, I forget his name.
1.67sThat's him!
2.62sGood evening. I'm George Takei's head and neck,
3.3syour host for tonight's debate. You may applaud.
1.88sWe flipped a coin before the debate,
3.39sand Bender stole it, so we'll start with him.
2.39sLadies and gentlemen of the jury, I...
2.27sOops. Sorry, force of habit.
5.97sI support this proposition because I love a goopy, flesh-and-blood woman,
3.44sand, not surprisingly, she loves me.
4.67sThis is a simple matter of justice, which I'm not normally for.
2.4sSo, please, vote yes.