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1.87sHello, once again.
5.51sAs usual, I must warn you all that this year's Halloween show is very, very scary,
4.3sand those of you with young children may want to send them off to bed and--
5.6sOh, my. It seems the show is so scary that Congress won't even let us show it.
5.57sInstead they've suggested the 1947 classic Glenn Ford movie, 200 Miles to Oregon.
2.47sThere's nothing wrong with your television set.
2.47sDo not attempt to adjust your picture.
1.92sWe are controlling the transmission.
2.2sWhat's that, boy? We're in control?
3.87sHey, look! I can see my voice!
2.15sBrrrrrrr! Hee! Hee!
2.14sBlup, blup, blup, blup, blup.
7.79sThis is my voice on Tv - Dad! You're ruining the mood! Sorry.