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3.15sDoes the bill have bank teller blood on it?
1.13sNo, it doesn't.
2.53sI'm sorry I wasted your time.
1.22sThat's the last of them.
3.59sYou did the right thing, Bart. And now you can keep the money.
4.2sWhat am I gonna do with $1,000?
3.54sIt's Bart's moon party from outer space
4sWith R2-D2 playing the bass
1.98sNo one's touching the hors d'oeuvres.
4.47sIt's Bart's moon party from outer space... What?
3.34sBart, why don't you spend the money on something for Mom?
1.67sShe does so much for us.
3.74sWell, someday I'd like to go on a nice vacation.
2.4sWe've gone on plenty of great vacations.
3.94sYeah. But you always wind up kidnapped or on a chain gang.
3.25sAnd I don't even want to get into what happened on our honeymoon.
2.44sHOMER: I still don't know why you had that photo enlarged.
2.99sOh, forget it. Bart, don't waste your money on me.