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2.67sIn this cell sits Homer Simpson,
5.42sthe most villainous blackguard to be held in this tower since Edward the Puppy Eater.
4.84s(ALL EXCLAIMING IN HORROR) Look at his great staring eyes.
1.67sLike saucers they are.
2.15s(IN MOCK BRITISH ACCENT) He claimed he was me father, he did.
1.62sBart, you're not helping.
3.04sPoke the monster with a stick! Tuppence a jab!
2.03sCome on, queue up, lads.
2.44sOh, Marge, I am so sorry.
3.07sI should've listened to whatever it was you were saying.
4.2sIt's partly my fault. I've been nagging you so much on this trip,
2.77syou couldn't know which nags to focus on.
3.94sWell, Marge, if I die here, there's one thing I want you to remember.
3sDon't buy any videotapes in England!
2.6sThey won't work in our VCR!