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2.17sFor the moment, there's no way out.
3sNo Way Out. Great film. Sean Young naked in the limo?
2.32sWell, maybe the storm will let up soon.
1.65sI don't know. It's a hard rain.
2.58sChristian Slater, Morgan Freeman. "We just want the money."
1.68sWe should've known this weather was coming.
1.52sThere's been three days of thunder.
2.7sTom Cruise, race cars. Those are my bedsheets.
1.27sWhat are we gonna do?
3.5sWe can't just stay here with James Woods lurking somewhere in the house!
1.43sAll right, does anyone have a cell phone?
1.55sI'm not getting any reception!
1.47sMe neither! No bars!
3sIt's all right. I'll put a message in a bottle.
2.49sNow, we wait.
1.82sLook, he's got a landline we can use!
2.45sOh, no. You know, I wouldn't feel right about that.
2.57sWe're guests, and it's long distance.