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2.44sand I am prepared to be patient.
3.14sPlease, won't you just give me a chance?
2.2sAnd I promise you won't be disappointed.
2.54sNow, if you'll excuse me, I'll just go check on dinner.
1.5sOh, I'll help you, sweetheart.
1.33sThis is all very strange.
1.92sI agree. Something's not right.
2.52sI don't know, maybe we should give him a chance.
1.95sMaybe he really is born again.
1.1sWell, he could be.
2.6sIt all depends on what his astrological sign is.
2.72sShut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
2.1sI'm very intuitive with these things.
2.95sMaybe if I sit in his chair I can get a reading on his energy.
3.37sI mean, if he's an Aquarius, a rebirth would not be unexpected.
1.57sThat's enough, Stephanie.
1.4sSTEPHANIE: You know, it's like when I did Glenn's star chart...