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1.68sMr. Peter.
1.63sMr. Joe.
1.2sMr. Bonnie.
2.24s(WHISPERING) She doesn't know what "Mr." means.
1.25sMr. Mort.
1.68sMr. Muriel.
1.87sMayor West, Mr.
1.63sOh, my God, seriously.
2.97sI know what you're all thinking, but fear not, citizens.
3.14sWhile I'm enjoying myself at this festive get-together,
5.14sI've left the city in the capable hands of the Mayor-O-Matic 5000.
2.02sWEST: Take a letter. Hold my calls.
2.27sThat's a matter for the Parks Department.
2.97sIf you will all please follow me to third floor,
2.02sI show you to your rooms.
3.24sYou are all expected for dinner at 8:00.
1.58sSTEPHANIE: Oh, good! I'm starved!
1.4sQUAGMIRE: Settle down, will ya?