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3.37sI couldn't let him contact the police before everything was in the place.
1.77sSo I had to kill him, too.
4.27sWhen Peter was yelling at everyone about that picture of Derek holding up the Hollywood sign,
3.2sI grabbed the Golden Globe and slipped out.
3.07sI followed Derek outside and did what I had to do.
4sI barely had enough time to plant the Golden Globe in Tom's room and run back downstairs,
4.95swhere I took advantage of the commotion and joined the crowd as they were all running outside.
2sAnd the rest, well...
1.55sYou did all the rest for me.
2.65sYou turned on Tom exactly as I planned.
1.27sSo there it is, Lois.
2.34sMy God.
2.57sBut wait, there's one thing unaccounted for,
1.94swhat happened to Stephanie's body?
2.24sActually, that's the one thing I don't know.