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3.24sbut she played the part beautifully, nonetheless.
5sThere's no way she could have known I planned to kill James Woods and frame Tom Tucker,
4.27sthereby destroying the two people who cast me aside and ruined my life.
1.8sOh, my God.
1.52sYou're 40?
1.84sYes. I'm 40.
2.17sBut then why did you kill the others?
2.64sIt was all supposed to go so smoothly.
1.55sThe hidden gun goes off,
2.23skills James Woods, and at the first opportunity,
2.95sI retrieve the gun and plant it in Tom's bag.
1.37sJames Woods is dead,
2.87sTom goes to prison, nice and easy.
1.83sBut Stephanie got in the way.
2.27sShe was in James' chair at the wrong time.
3.29sAnd when I realized my mistake, I had to improvise.
2.6sThe power outage provided a perfect cover.
4.04sI grabbed the knife off the dinner table and stabbed him.
2.44sBut as Joe pointed out, there were fingerprints.
1.7sI couldn't just leave it there.
2.3sSo when Tom and I got separated in the gallery,