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3.1sShe's right! There was a Golden Globe award here, and it's gone.
2.64sI think we may have identified our blunt object.
2.17sIt's very important award.
2.34sNow, now, actually if I can clarify this,
2.1sit's not a very important award.
2.03sOkay? Here's how the Golden Globes work.
1.13sYou want a Golden Globe,
2.57sall you gotta do is take a member of the Foreign Press out to lunch,
1.5sand they'll vote for you. Hmm?
1.37sThat's all you gotta do.
2.5sAnd there's only like 30 guys in the Foreign Press,
2.97sso it's relatively easy to buy one of those things, okay?
1.83sAre you with me, America? You with me?
5.47sSo let's all just shut the fuck up about the prestige of these damn things because it's a sale, you know?
2.2sI mean, you might as well walk into a Zales and say,
3.27s"Hey, fire me up one of these "and I'll pay you the price of a bacon burger."
3.14sOkay? We all clear on what the Golden Globes are?
9.86sAll right? Now, that said, if anyone from the Paris Observer would like to have lunch, it's on me. (CHUCKLING) So all we have to do is find that Golden Globe and we'll have our murder weapon, and if we're lucky,
1.73sit may just mean we'll have our killer.