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2.3sI don't believe you. I think you are a god.
2.3sAnd I will die for you or kill others.
1.33sDamn it. The signal's gone.
2sIf I can get up to the roof or something,
2.44smaybe I can get a stronger signal and call the police.
2.44sOkay. And I will skin this dog in your honor.
1.73s- Please, don't. - As you wish.
1.8sDo you really think it could work, Derek?
1.6sThere's only one way to find out.
1.32sI'll come with you.
3.77sNo, it's too dangerous, especially with Derek Junior on the way.
2.1sALL: Aw!
2.42s(LAUGHS) I know, I know, it's a little early to announce it,
1.47sbut you're all friends,
1.63sexcept for one of you, who's killing the rest of us,
1.77sbut everyone else is our friend.
2.24sOh, congratulations, Jillian.
1.3sI know.
1.77sI'm eating number two now.
1.63sEating for two, honey.
1.32sI'll be back.
2.64sAll right, nobody leaves this room until he gets back.
6.36sWait a minute. Something's not right here. (SNIFFS) We're short one vagina in this room.
2.39sOh, my God! Priscilla's gone!