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1.68sAll right, if we're going to make it out alive,
1.8swe gotta stick together from now on.
1.17sIs everyone here?
1.27sWait a minute, wait. Where's Meg?
1.33sAnd where's Tom Tucker?
1.22sRight here!
1.33sOh, my God! What happened?
2.77sI fell through a trapdoor that led to an underground passageway.
1.37sSo, I followed it,
1.53sand it led me to a hatch over there in the parlor.
2.34sThe same thing happened to me. But with a moustache.
2.38sAll right, let's do a head count and make sure we're all here.
1.52sEveryone check in by team name,
1.83sand I hope you all came up with cool team names.
1.93sThe Bush Men are here. The Pirates are here.
1.2sThe Tigers are here.
1.17sWe're also The Tigers.
1.35sWe're called Bad News.
1.35sWe're Lilo and Stitch.
1.72sWe're Boys to Men.
0.95sHey, Peter, look at this.
2.13sI'm getting a faint signal on my cell phone.
1.42sOh, my God, is that...
2.24sAre you holding up the whole Hollywood sign?
1.17s(CHUCKLES) No, no, no, no.