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3.14sOh, so I'm not supposed to point out when you do something stupid?
1.73sYou hear that? You hear that tone you're using?
1.83sThat's penis repellent right there.
4.24sCareful. She could be hiding behind any one of these statues.
3.6sMuriel, this is Tom Tucker from the Channel Five News.
1.37sPerhaps you'd like an autograph.
1.97sOh, for God's sakes. Do you hear yourself?
1.03sThere it is.
2.59s(IMITATING CAN SPRAYING) Knock it off!
3.92sHey, wait a minute. Doesn't feel like there's any wall here.
1.45sWhat do you think's in there?
1.88sI don't know. Looks scary.
1.83sWhat do you think, Ollie?
1.27sI miss Ollie.
1.93s(SIGHS) I better take a look.
1.7sNo. I'll go first.
1.5sDo you see anything?
1.57sNo, it's too dark.