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1.73sAttention, everyone, mail call!
3.2sMeg, Teen People, Chris, Amazing Spider-Man, Lois, Redbook,
2.8sWorld War II Army Guy, a letter from your gal.
2.8s(ALL TAUNTING) Open that one up, buddy.
1.47sAll right, at ease, at ease.
2.57s"Dear Willy, it's been awful lonesome since you've been away."
1.57sHey, you hear that, fellas? She misses me!
2.65s(LAUGHING) You're all wet.
2.6sHey, check this out. We got invited to a party.
6.61s"Peter Griffin, you and your family are cordially invited "to a gala dinner in your honor at Rocky Point Manor."
2.07sWhat? What are they honoring you for?
1.68sWho cares? It says here it's for the whole weekend.