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1.07sI overcharged him.
1.2sI forgive you.
1.97sLook, why would I kill him anyway?
2.17sHe told us he was here to make amends.
2.35sBut there was always a chance he'd blab, wasn't there?
3.57sNo! No, it's not true! I would never kill anybody, never!
3.34sAnd I am not saying another word until I talk to my lawyer, because...
1.28sWhy is he wearing shorts?
2.18sOh, my God, I told you!
1.99sMuriel, just surrender quietly.
2.1sIt'll be easier for us all if you...
1.2sShe's gone!
1.45sWe lost her.
1.73sWell, as long as there's a murderer on the loose,
1.64snone of us are safe.
2.82sAll right, let's split up and search the house. I'll go with Lois.