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2.55sYou know, he's a dirtbag, but I didn't kill him!
1.38sMaybe it was Diane.
3.7s(SIGHS) James Woods promised to introduce me to Dan Rather.
2.84sBut instead, he introduced me to Danny Bonaduce.
2.53sI tell you, that guy looks like a dog turning 30.
1.55sBut what about the old guy?
2.24sI heard him complaining about Woods in the dining room.
1.13sThat's true.
3.17sHe replaced my Cialis with methamphetamines!
1.34sPedal faster!
1.3sI can't go any faster!
2.39sWhere you going, kids? Hey, I just want to talk to you.
2.77sWhy don't you come over to my place for a glass of wine and a couple of fruit pies,
1.53sthen we can go in the back room and play crazy snakes?
4.12s(LAUGHS) Hey, wait a minute. What about those two European guys?
3.59sThey really hated James Woods. Oh, wait. Where the hell are they?
2.34sOh, we've been invited to a party in our honors.
1.67sBut it was for this week afters.
1.3sWell, why aren't we there?
2.74sIt was wedged in our post pail.
2.12sAnd what about Quagmire?